Gone Burger & The Lords of Dough Town

We are excited to announce two new kitchen take-overs at the Prince of Wales Brixton, the mouthwatering burger pop-up GoneBurger and their pizza-loving offspring Lords of Dough Town.


GoneBurger make gnarly burgers and rad food – their fans can tell you that. They don’t just want to pull the tricks, they want to pull them in style and with a high degree of difficulty. It is the most quintessentially fast food done with excruciating attention to detail.

It is the KickFlip that has brought them infamy, and shot them into the finals of the National Burger Awards 2018 – a succulent mess of charcoal-cooked organic beef and whiskey-smoked BBQ sauce. It’s not all about meat, though, with 4 plant-based burgers… and not a frickin’ portabello mushroom in sight!

Oh, and you have to try the Krooked Fries – triple-cooked so they’re crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle and finished with GB’s own chip rub.




Lords of Dough Town

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 14.17.05
Lords of Dough Town will be making some serious sourdough pizzas in the POW wood-fired oven. They use a 60 year-old starter for their dough, they cherry-smoke their otherwise-authentic pizza sauce and import their buffalo mozzarella weekly direct from Italy. As with GoneBurger, vegans and vegetarians will be well represented!


Keep an eye on the event page for upcoming menu announcements!