DRUMS x VIBES with Afrikan Roots

Friday 8th December / 10:30pm - 5am
club event

Afrikan Roots (South Africa)
Mr Silk
Aluku Rebels
DJ Fiddla
Dj Mkhukhwini Kasiluv
DRUMSxVIBES continues to excel and bring you the best in Afro house entertainment!… We reached deep into the heart of South Africa to bring you one of the most entertaining and influential bands in Afro House …


Who are Afrikan Roots ?

The courageous story of African Roots began in 2010 when the group’s founding member Kenneth “Nyekx” Manyemula decided to form his very first house music band known as Black boys. The group was contracted by (Sheer Music) and the popular songs at that time were ‘Re ja loto’ and ‘Dansa’; they have since changed their name to Afrikan Roots. As Afrikan Roots, the very first project was Masibambaneng and the related hits that made a big mark in the local music scenes in 2012 were ‘Shikisha’, ‘Akuluwo’ and ‘Bayethe’. Although there were challenges that affected the immediate dreams of the members of the band, it did little to stop the aspirations of its founder, Nyekx, who was more determined than ever to see the band Afrikan Roots make it to the very top of
the local music scenes.
The group comprises of Kenneth Mayemula (Nyekx), Katlego Mabasa (DJ Maspila), Musa Mmotsa (DJ Mosco) and Mercedes Boshego. The talented four have let go of the past obstacles and are moving forward in a way many of their peers will admire. They
are creating hit after hit and are gaining so much popularity.

They will be performing live at BRIXTON POW Friday 8th DEC

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Joining them will be regular Afro House headline Djs!

Mr Silk

Aluku Rebels



Its going to be a night full of African Rhythms and Drums!..

Just what you need to kick the Winter Months off!!!

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