Health and Safety Guidelines

Welcome back to the Future!

We are so happy to have you back, but please let’s still keep each other safe by following some simple guidelines.

  • Please visit our venue only if you are not showing symptoms of Corona – Virus
  • Please use our sanitizer stations that are provided on arrival and around the venue for your safety and convenience.
  • Observe signage for movement around the venue – this is there for social distancing reasons.
  • Please respect one another’s personal space, and keep your distance where indicated.
  • Feel free to party in your booth, but please avoid close interaction with other tables or guests.
  • Your booth has been booked for a set time, please adhere to these set times for arrival and duration to allow for sanitising and the next booking slot.
  • Don’t arrange to meet in larger groups than your table allows ( Max 6 ). We cannot allow tables to join together – for obvious reasons, so please don’t ask!!
  • Order your food and drinks with your server.
  • There is no service at the bars, your table will have a server for the duration of your stay, so your drinks and food will be brought directly to your table.
  • Our staff will be provided with ppe for your safety and consideration.
  • All payments ( where possible ) should be made using contactless. No Cash


Enjoy your stay, have fun and stay safe.


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